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Перевод slotting

перевод slotting

He fed four quarters into the slot machine.
The statistics already confirmed that the submitting departments now understood the situation better and were submitting more documents under the slotting system.Mary slotted a cassette into the VCR.Insert the tab into this slot to close the box.The document slotting system was constantly fine-tuned to gauge its effectiveness and identify areas in need of improvement.One of the major initiatives in the documentation area is the slotting of pre-session documents for the Security Council.

Each length of board slots easily paysafe casino online into the next.They spend hours and hours just playing the slots.However, well-tested, innovative products can and do reach consumers without slotting allowances.The doctor is busy this morning but she could slot you in at 2 o'clock.He put a quarter in the slot.Systems, Inc., of Delaware.Reliance Group Holdings, Inc.Operating system, task scheduler, time sharing.Her ideas slot neatly into the theory.
A slotting system for document processing has been introduced, and policies relating to length of documents are enforced with more rigour.

That inflexibility carried over in principle into the slotting system, but in practice the Department tried to accommodate the actual needs.
Insert your ticket into the slot.
But the slotting system, as the Committee on Conferences had noted, had proved initially successful.