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Celadon city game corner tips

Take on the rocket grunt then talk to lorelei then go to six island and return to dotted hole you should notice the guy is gone so welcome bonus bet now you need vinde penge tricks to open the door use the move Cut to do just that and go inside.
I am going to present all the possible directions you will need to take in order to find items, a trainer, and a key person.
You will get a Mewtwo in there).Grab HM07 and teach it to a pokemon that canlearn Waterfall.Once again from the Hiker go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, left to find another item.50, so put a Pokemon that.50 or lower at the front of your team and look for them if they r in the same route.Helping Loreleiwill let you go into Dotted Hole on Six Island.The prizes are as follows: Icons.
The game however, remains the same and to use it, you need the Coin Case and some coins.

First you have to beat the elite four.Fuji from team rocket at the top of Pokemon tower.After beating the elite 4 go 2 1 isle, mt ember, and battle the 2 rocket grunts and get a ruby, and give it to Celio, He'll give u a rainbo pass 2 go 2 the Sevi Isles.These moods have an affect on the Game Corner and on the icons you can match.Go to his home after that and he will give you a flute that wakes up Pokemon (very useful) use this right next to snorlax and he will attack you.There is a healing pad inside u should return to often, oh and in that room there are 2 other paths, the one to the right is the wrong 1 so.You must do several things first.Mime Eevee Porygon Level 5 Level 5 Level 5 33 Coins 9999 Coins.Usually, the machine will give you one or two of the slides and you have to stop the other one with perfect timing to win the prize.Blue Background: Easy to obtain Pikachu and Marill match-ups.
The speed of the slots also increase to create a further challenge.

When you go down the last hole you should be in a room with the sapphire take it and the guy that was blocking the entrance to dotted hole should appear and take the sapphire follow him to five island he is in the rocket.
Look there for the saphhire, find it, giv it to Celio, the man will move, 'n' u go get mew2.
(more you need to have a national dex and need to have caught 70 or 110 pokemon.(I don't remember the exact number and whether you have to see or catch these number of pokemons but I am sure you have to do all these.