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Cities skyline unlock casino

Science Center Requires 5,000 full lifespans lived in the city.
Should unlock with natural progression.Business Park Requires 20,000 squares of commercial zone.Youll be able to unlock niftier ones as you build up tourist districts (more on them shortly but they dont feel particularly new, since there have always been buildings that draw visitors into the city.European, sports Arena 90,000 1,600/week 450 100, european theme only, weekly education expenses 30,000, maintain for tv2 spil poker 3 weeks.Along with a day and night cycle, After Dark heaps new buildings and systems onto the already pleasantly plump game.Oppression Office Requires unemployment over 50 for 5 weeks.At a certain point, my poor planning and road construction means that the bin men egeskov slot åbning 2017 and hearses end up spending most of their time in traffic.A 'Fill' is 30,000 so you need 150,000 dead bodies in total.ATM, Tourism is pretty broken, even if you pour buckets of money into building attractions, public transport and Shopping, you still make a net loss making all efforts towards tourism focus d while I hope this is something the dev's are already looking into,.Built at 70,000 population.Statue of Shopping Requires at exactly 1 in debt.
For these last 5 you need to build the following buildings.

Use the save/re-load trick, district the whole map and change to leisure specialization under the commercial tab.You can then simply re-load your save without your city being touched!Here are the best Cities: Skylines mods.Shut down / bulldoze all your hospitals, reduce your health budget to 50 (to reduce how often and how quick the dead bodies are moved and move any water facilities next to any heavy pollution areas to make your population sick.Colossal Order Offices Requires education at 20,000/week for 10 weeks.In the base game, crime was tied to the citys happiness, but now its more elaborate than that.Will come with natural progression, if needed build water towers, very cheap service building.It'd be best to save before casino wear black shirt player you 'destroy' as it is unlocked on your profile rather than the city.
Once unlocked, unique buildings carry over new game save files, in the expense of requiring to reach a certain milestone.
Cinema 4,000 tourists in the city.

Just buy lots of water towers.
They need to be in one city all at the same time.
Sea and Sky Scraper Requires Cargo Harbor and Passenger Harbor.