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Denmark lotto result

T, european Lotteries, danske Lotto, the Danish Lotto is played every Saturday.
Vikingtal 06, aug 01, 2018 (Wed).
Vikingtal 06, oct 17, 2018 (Wed).This means that your lotto entry could win you a prize even if you only match a handful of main numbers, and the value of your prize will reflect how many numbers you have matched correctly, as explained on our.Seven numbers between 0 and 9 are then automatically generated for you and the objective of the game is to match those numbers with a seven-digit Joker number in the exact same order, starting from the back.Vikingtal 02, jul 11, 2018 (Wed) Vikingtal 02 Jul 04, 2018 (Wed) Vikingtal 05 Jun 27, 2018 (Wed) Vikingtal 04 Jun 20, 2018 (Wed) Vikingtal 07 "This unique software bundle contains intelligent algorithms that could very well enable you to strike it rich." Read Softonic.Thanks to the internet it is now possible for lottery fans around the world to participate in the Danske Lotto draws and give themselves the chance to win a huge jackpot.Vikingtal 01, sep 26, 2018 (Wed).
To win the Danske Lotto jackpot you need to match all of your selections with the main numbers that were actually drawn, poke genie pro ios gratis but don't forget that there are many other consolation prizes available for players who don't quite achieve that feat.
October 13th Draw Information, saturday - October 6th Jackpot:.

Danske Lotto Prizes page.For example, if the winning Joker number is 3213567, the number 1234567 would win because it matches three digits from the back: *567.Vikingtal 02, oct 03, 2018 (Wed).If the player is super lucky and also matches their Trump Card they win even more!Latest Result, saturday 3rd November.Each prize tier receives a percentage of the revenue from ticket sales, so the amount you can win can change from draw to draw.A bonus number called the tillægstal is also drawn, giving you a further opportunity to win.Every player that enters the Lotto draw will automatically be entered into the raffle, with two winning tickets drawn at random.Vikingtal 06, aug 15, 2018 (Wed).Jackpot.6,000,000, interesting Facts, the largest Danish Lotto win ever recorded was in 2008, when a single player won.38.5 million.The main Danske 'Lørdag' Lotto is drawn each Saturday, while the.
Vikingtal 07, jul 25, 2018 (Wed).

October 27th Draw Information, saturday - October 20th Jackpot:.
Vikingtal   01, aug 08, 2018 (Wed).