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Silencer Golem City Sold by Louis Gallois.
Climb on top of the unibet bonuskode gratis archway to reach the vent entrance or use the klipspringer mod to jump through the hatch inside.32 (the one with the eviction sign one floor below Jensen's in a hidden floorboard right below the window.Move the painting on the opposite wall and open the safe to find.Silencer Golem City A home across the police station, near Tibor Sokol's house, inside of which a breakable wall leads to a gas filled corridor you can shut off from above.The kit is inside a wall-mounted container whose front is covered by blue cloth.Golem City In ARC Headquarters, on the 6th level of rvac Row.Prague In Koller's dungeon, next to the laptop.4X scope Golem City During "Access the Elevator which takes place in the Ridit Station, find an industrial-size poster printer at the southwest corner of level.Prague One can be obtained during the Fade to Black side mission - given to you by Olivie if you convinced Vlasta to smuggle Olivie (make sure to talk to her before leaving).Prague In Koller 's dungeon, inside a safe in the gas-filled room accessible via a hidden vent near the elevator.
Prague In a safe in the hidden security office of Palisade's Executive Safes.

Prague Last one in the Church of the MachineGod and recoverable during M11 or after you do the bank heist, head to the top floor and enter room 96 (Allison's room).Creating Otar's casino 16 Prague In Chikane's place, in a hidden room behind a poster with two airplanes.The safe also contains the triangle code #14.Interview with Chimemwe Miller, actor for Elias Chikane 17 Prague In the Church of the MachineGod, near the front entrance is a blocked archway on the right side.Silencer Prague At the end of SM06:, if Walker is still alive and shows up at Adam Jensen's apartment, a Silencer mod will be found on his body.Prague In Capek Fountain station's server room (last room when you go through the restricted area next to the ticket booth.Clinics 24 Prague In the Dvali Theater, reach the catwalks above the stage (they are on level 5).203 at 33 Hlavni punch the boxing bag to access the secret room.