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( See April.) At the summit meeting of the European Union in Lisbon, Port., a free-trade agreement is signed with Mexico; it is the first such agreement between the EU and a Latin American country.
Slobodan Milosevic, and two others are shot dead by unknown assassins in a downtown Belgrade hotel.( See May 28 and November.) Public transportation in Los Angeles shuts down as the United Transportation Union goes on strike one minute after midnight; hundreds of thousands of people, mostly low-income, rely on the transit system.The heads of state of the 11 members of opec meet casino world amagerbrogade for the first time since 1975, in Caracas, Venez.Northern Texas experiences its 59th consecutive day without rain; the drought in the state breaks the Dust Bowl record set in 1934 and tied in 1950.August 25 Somalia's new legislature, meeting in Arta, Djibouti, elects Abdiqassim Salad Hassan as Somalia's first president in nine years; warlords in Somalia warn that they will not allow this government.Waiting, a novel by Chinese émigré writer Ha Jin, wins the 2000 PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction; the book had earlier won the 1999 National Book Award.November 9 The General Assembly of the United Nations votes to condemn the.S.December 6 The French Internet service provider Wanadoo (a unit of France Télécom) agrees to buy the troubled British Internet service provider Freeserve to create the second largest such company in Europe.

April 15 A team of scientists in Australia announces the discovery of the fourth largest crater in the world, located in Western Australia near Shark Bay; researchers believe it may be the result of the impact that caused a mass extinction of terrestrial life.Everyone joins in: the village farmers serve their homemade treats, and as part of walkable concerts the audience walks to suggested locations, where the musicians await them.To split into two competing entities.( See October.) October 11 The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences is awarded to Americans James.Formally donates 50 years of television advertising and related materials to the Library of Congress as part of the observance of the library's bicentennial.Indian movie star Rajkumar, kidnapped by notorious bandit Veerappan on July 30, is released unharmed, though it appears that most of Veerappan's demands have not been met; India rejoices.

An Israeli expert says that several years of drought have caused a dangerous shortage of water in Israel; a further threat is that the water sources may become contaminated by salt deposits and thereby be rendered useless.