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Hand poke flash

This particular move is usually executed one of two ways.
The attacker then hits the pokebot ninja api key free 2018 opponent in the head with one or both legs, with the wrestler usually landing on hands and feet facing downward.
Then the wrestler drops to their rear leg's knee delivering the fist at the opponent's stomach, to rise up back again.
1 Headbutt delta lotto system wiki drop A move setting an attacking wrestler jumping or falling down on an opponent, driving his head usually at the opponent's face or midsection.Football kick Sometimes also referred to as soccer kick.This maneuver can be differentiated from any other kick noting that it is always performed striking with the point of the foot-instep-shin area.It is similar to the soccer kick in MMA.Popularized by Stan Hansen.Some of the more common weapons used include chairs, guitars, folding tables, lifting belts, title belts, " kendo sticks trash cans and bells.A b Foley, Mick.Abdullah the Butcher and Sgt.Often this will set an attacking wrestler bending an opponent over to deliver the elbow at the back of the opponent.

Short-arm elbow smash This variation is set up by a wrestler performing an Irish whip but keeping the opponent's wrist held, then the wrestler pulls the opponent back and hits using the other arm's elbow.Used by Katsuyori Shibata as the.K.The most popular version of this ends it with a jumping somersault senton.This variation is usually preceded by an Irish Whip to an adjacent side of the ring, or to counter an opponent already running the ropes, further increasing the moves impact.2 This move is often confused with a lariat.The most common way to perform this attack sees the wrestler striking the opponent upwards in the midsection or stomach to bend the opponent over.Wind-up punch A theatrical variation in which the wrestler rotates the attacking arm in a "winding-up" motion before striking the opponent, making the punch appear more effective in the same way of a bolo punch in boxing.
There are a wide variety of attacking moves in pro wrestling, and many are known by several different names.
1, a variation, popularized by, stone Cold Steve Austin, involves an attacking standing wrestler performing a thesz press on a running opponent, then repeatedly striking the opponent in the face with mounted punches.