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The Danish name is a three-way play on words.
Contacting the uploader or writer.kultury If you wish to use content under terms other than the free license, or to absolutely verify copyright status if you feel you need to, the person who put it onto a Wikimedia server may be able to assist.
Except for materials holdem poker game online free believed to be in the public domain, a link to the full text of the license(s) is included on the image description page.Enter your message and click "save." (Your message will then be visible to the public).Nineteen of the 33 projects will be curated at venues identified by citizens as forgotten or in disuse but full of potential, while the remaining 14 projects are pop-up projects, scattered across the nine Funen municipalities participating in the festival. .Something as editable as what you started with (.g.How to comply with the licenses.Any derivative works must stay under the gfdl.Note that meaning of the word poke on facebook the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the GNU Free Document License (gfdl) are not compatible with each other.

Nordfyns Municipality: Historic German installations at Beldringe.The sections below are summaries of the licenses, and how to comply.The efforts to revive forgotten or disused sites and places will culminate in an arts culture festival from 8 to 17 September 2017, while the debate and story of the cultural regions positive values will be continued by Cultural Heritage Funen in a documentary series.What does røm mean?The egeskov slot svendborg original creator of the image may be willing to grant additional permissions.Some licenses also have a summary available.Some can be contacted by email by clicking the "email this user" link listed in the toolbox on their user page.Thirdly, the overall title røm, meaning counter-current, signals that the project dares to be different and challenge the mainstream.
We are setting thoughts and creative energies in motion and transforming locations on Funen to revitalise them. .
Please read the full licenses for legal details.