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Hokey pokey dance

The Hokey Pokey Shake by Super Simple Learning.
And you shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.
You put your backside.
Your whole self.And it introduces simple action verbs and classroom commands.You put two hands.You do the Hokey Pokey and sing a song.Dead End Niggaz.You put two feet.It's time to do the Hokey Pokey!You put your head.
Everybody please be quiet.
Everybody please stand.

Your whole self out.You put one foot.You do the Hokey Pokey and take a bow.You do the Hokey Pokey and sit down.You put your whole self.You put your backside best poker bonus sites out.Do the Hokey Pokey (feat.Are you ready to shake shake shake?You put two hands out.You put one hand.Big Pokey - Goodfellas Badbitches (feat.
Great for dancing along with in your Pre-K class or at home!
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