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Idle heroes casino event coming up

Although it takes up to 200M and 8,000 to complete this event, you will never regret doing that.
Thus, you should rely on the monthly Fusion Event to keep Idle Heroes interesting.Daily gift None Temporarily available heroes 5000 Shards 1x Heart Watcher 7500 Shards 1x Mihm Heroic Miracle Event 20th July 2018 Description You have to complete the required number of specific hero summons to earn different rewards.Daily gift (Week 1) 1x Tiny Snowman per player level, 1x Gems per player level Daily gift (Week 2) 15x 5 Star Hero Shards, 200x Gems Temporarily available exchange rewards 1 Snowman 20K 2 Snowmen 30K 50 Snowmen 1x 100 Snowmen 1x 120 Snowmen.We at Deconstructor of Fun strongly consider Idle Heroes to be a very good game for any professional F2P game designer to study for the reasons above.In addition to the Login Bonus event, different events are held each week, one event or more at the time.Best Tips for the Heroic Summon Event Do not use wpt poker cruise 2018 outside of this event.Also helps maintain your daily ranking for better rewards.The 3000x Gem Box is the second most valuable.You get 1 point for every Casino spin.Usually, these heroes are quite rare and can't be bought from other stores.Daily gift None Temporarily available heroes 4000 Shards 1x Kamath 4000 Shards 1x Ormus Fusion Event 24th November 2017 Description You can repeatedly gain rewards for every 5- or 6-Star fusion in the Creation circle up to 10 times.

Daily gift None RewardsCrystal Crown League 50 Points 200x, 2x 100 Points 300x, 3x 150 Points 500x, 50x RewardsTrial Of The Champion 50 Points 300x, 2x 100 Points 500x, 3x 1x, 1x Casino Event 25th May 2018 Description Earn points to win prizes.The reward table of the following months differ from the first month's, but are always the same, except for the free 5-Star hero.Daily gift 1x Prophet Orb Rewards 10 Points 30x, 30x, 5000K 20 Points 50x, 5000K 40 Points 50x, 5000K 60 Points 1x, 8000K 80 Points 1x, 8000K 100 Points 1x, 15M 120 Points 1x, 24M, 1x (Asmodel Skin ) Heroic Summon Event 23rd March 2018.Leaked: The next Idle Heroes events are: Gem Box.To collect all prizes of a Heroic Summon Event you will have to summon about 550 heroes.Contain: Fusion, Tavern, Militants and Broken Space.Beyond the Meta Wrap strategy, however, Idle Heroes went one step further.03 Casino Refresh, casino is automatically refreshed after 24 hours per day.To complete 6-Star and 7-Star you'll need at least one 6-Star hero.Punisher of Immortal, hero Adjustment: Flame Strike (Buff source kaoricompass / Updated on November 8th 2018.After your account reaches level 80 you should pay gems to complete extra Hero Challenges within the Event Raid every day.
Casino Event (Wishing Fountain Event) The Wishing Fountain Event can be the most profitable event of all if done properly.
VIP (inspired by Heroes Charge) 13 levels of VIP.