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Now consider that the real life town that the Barrens is based on is named after a Native American tribe whose term literally means "the generous people" in their dialect.
It includes a parody of Eliezer Yudkowsky 's eu casino 30 no deposit "AI in a Box" thought experiment, with Kuyou as the AI and Kyon's sister as the gatekeeper, but the narration right out tells the readers of the experiment beforehand.As a reward she asked for John the Baptist's head on a platter.As such, the auto-balance is a perfect double rotation that would be used in an AVL tree.In Shadowrun, the Puyallup Barrens in the Seattle metropolitan area has an abandoned shopping mall called the Crime Mall, which is currently used as a front for many black market dealers." Even though I may be little, I'm the answer to the Sphinx's riddle " - technically she's right as she is a human after all.In the mid-2000s, WWE fans were treated to a ( Kayfabe ) mentally-challenged wrestler named Eugene.The original prayer references the Biblical Eve, known in Latin as Eva, meaning that the chant can be read as a prayer to Eva Perón herself.No Black Plume does this from time to time.But how many grade-schoolers are going to recognize that as International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day?Western magic tradition has it that 3 is especially potent.Narbonic is chock full of references to literature and manga and comics, many of which are not apparent even to the aficionado without reading the "Director's Cut" version.Subverted in You Got HaruhiRolled!The wartime definition for this?Amend also has a real-life degree in physics, so all of the formulas in the series are perfectly accurate." Ostrakon " is a good example of this.

Tying into this, the legion that serves Tzeentch, the Thousand Sons, have an Egyptian motif.One of the friends remarked "The memories they awaken." If you're a fan of Marcel Proust, a writer most adults consider too "heavy" to read, you recognize this reference to classic, deep French literature.The Eastern Pantheon is based on the gods of ancient Babylon, which is where the name Tiamat (although nothing else about her; Babylonian Tiamat was a sea goddess) came from.Of course, Gabrielle's psychologist is actually the Big Bad and misleading her parents for his own Svengali-esque agenda, which is exactly why he did.The Descendant is famous for Christian theological and thematic undertones in his works.The art clearly depicts Bedwyr returning Excaliburn to the lake, and a knight with a red sword about to strike Bedwyr down, thus a knight and arms are lost.And his Weapon of Choice is a sickle- this initially appears to just be because it resembles a crab's claw, until we find out Karkat is a mutant himself, with the only other troll sharing his blood color being his ancestor."And here we go, another reference no one gets but you.It's Taylor made and a kitten saying " (a greek letter pronounced "mew.