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Lego harry potter hogwarts castle character tokens

lego harry potter hogwarts castle character tokens

Use WiLe on the piece to the left then turn on the video player.
Walk over to the left side of the garden and use Wingardium Leviosa to use the axe.
Classroom B (Harry, Griphook, Dark Arts Character needed) Use Griphook to open the safe to the lower left and open the trapdoor leading to the secret area.There will be silver chest to the far left but that bonus code casino belgium only contains studs.Blast them to reveal this token.Pull both chains to open the valve.If you're super close to 100 then use them to figure out what's missing.Hannah Abbot, in the main hall that leads to most of the classes you will have to travel around the hall and light the various torches around the area to make this appear before you.

Construct the pieces so it becomes a portal.Have someone change into any Hufflepuff character then go downstairs to the Hufflepuff dorm.Character, cost Location Harry (Quidditch) 85,000 Hogwarts - Flying Lesson gram slot og rema 1000 Area Info: Enter lotto sport skopje the area where you initially learned how to fly on the broom.Super Strength bmeu6X, once completed, you have to scroll down the list and manually activate them as they don't automatically turn.Lee McMillan, in the main hall that leads to most of the classrooms go up the right stairs and to the right to find three golden statues.Harry (Blue Shirt when you open the way to the bathrooms from the Great Hall this will be beneath the spiral staircase and is pretty hard to miss.Go inside and use the Time Turner to have a quick jaunt to the past.