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I think youre right.
(Laughter) Paul: You wouldnt have said that in 1997!Oh my God, I just realized I judged and questions, and questioned every single thing Ive written.Victor Walk documentary is wind spinner motor that, you know, voergård slot middelalderdage uh, some traumatic life experience happens to us, doesnt have to be sexual abuse it can be, pretty much anything, and you know, then we gravitate to the dark side of bridge spillekort life to deal with, you know, the.You could tell he was deeply affected, perhaps even ashamed.And thats as far as she got in the survey.And somebody could hold you.The first day, which was a Thursday, my apartment building was out of power for almost twenty-four hours, and I didnt have water, and then I fell asleep for like seven hours, woke up at 2am, and couldnt fall back asleep.I continued to laugh but I hurt inside and vowed to not share these things with others.Many times, anger saved my life.The thought of taking the train home filled my head with such disgust and anxiety, that I walked the ten miles home and didnt even feel tired or sore afterwards.This is a struggle in a sentence, filled out by, I dont know how you pronounce it, X-A-N-N-I, Xanni, um, Xanni is trans-male and writes about his depression.

My boyfriend recently found out that i was talking to this other person and he was very upset with.And so he groomed everybody around, you know, he put himself in a position of power and authority and, and uh - Paul: Gave you love and attention.And I was like - what the fuck are you talking about, right?Id love to hear from people, maybe shorter segments, that have come from stable homes but are still fucked.I was wondering if you had an episode dealing with this issue, and I missed.If this is the plan, you know, Im outta here.
(Laughter) I wasnt sitting on the end of the bench, you know, playing three or four minutes a game.
Paul: For the person who cant understand why every person in that situation doesnt immediately go to a parent, or immediately go to the police, what do you, I understand why, but, can you, can you address that?