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And Draghi will have emptied all his guns when it happens, saving EU banks but not EU citizens.
But spell that out loud and clear to the French people, or the Italians, that they have nothing at all to say about their own country and their own laws anymore, that the Germans decide FOR them, and what do you think they will say?
When he seals a deal with Chinas ambassador to Greece for Beijing to invest in Greeces ports and railways, Angela Merkel calls the Chinese to tell them to back off; Germanys not done with Greece yet.
Its all the Junckers and Tusks and Schäubles and Dijsselbloems are capable of anymore.For putting trust where none was warranted.Go to a supreme court in any EU country and tell them their own governments have lost all power over money and economics, and what do you think their constitutions will say?In reality, they are merely messenger boys for Berlin and Paris.Indeed, all it has managed to do is let Germany bear the burden of adjustment, hence contributing significantly to AfDs resonance in German society and forcing a desperate establishment to go as far as to bribe Turkey to stem the flow.But first, the Python-styled tragic comedy starring Theresa and Boris will have to be played to its tragic finale.The Bill will be ripped to shreds, live casino blackjack dealer between a Hard Brexit and a No Brexit side, and hundreds of amendments, playmillion casino prevara and May will be ripped along with.This Europe will certainly not put the migrants to good use or treat them well and this will lead them to open up further to the influence of Islamic radicalism with the usual consequences.Dont be surprised if that includes Puidgemonts.And now the entire financial world is in panic and turmoil.But that is something we can be sure no politician or bureaucrat or economist is willing to acknowledge.Podemos is proof that this can be done fast, and theres a big gaping hole to fill.May never wanted a Brexit, but shes so power hungry that she jumped at a chance of defending what she doesnt believe.The EU is a step too far, a bridge too far.He might still have been right, if Tsipras et al had not choked.
Its hilarious to see Treasurer George Osborne declare with a straight face that a Brexit would cause UK home prices to fall by 18, but thats all.
In Britain, there now seems to be a unique opportunity to organize a movement like (Unidos) Podemos in Spain, the European Unions next big headache coming up in a few days.

And the Greeks know that.And after theyve gone, we must find better people than them, but also better than all the rest that today fill our political classes, if were to turn chaos into order.AL rojo vivo La rotunda respuesta de Ferreras "Fernando VII también hizo algo bueno por España como Franco, morirse".Nor is it a British phenomenon, support for traditional parties is crumbling away everywhere in the western world.So Labour makes a peace offer, knowing full well it wont be accepted, but has to be made just for form.And Brits are asked to vote to keep that demonic apparatus intact and join the oppressors.The EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, other states have left the community, Europe has lost its global competitiveness, write the Bundeswehr strategists: The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflict-prone world has dramatically changed the security environment of Germany and Europe.Even if both countries are EU members.
What Aylan Kurdi and the sorrowful litany of other drowned toddlers of the Aegean show is that there are no moral values inside the -leadership of the- Union.
German, French, Dutch politicians are not accountable to Slovakian or Slovenian interests.