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Origin of the word pokey for jail

some characters would call "stinger of bee "sewing kit", and similar stuff pokey, if you understand the word 'pokey' as spilleautomater på mobil jail, or nipples on one's breast, obviously they conflict with the meaning for the context.
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The stir in stir-crazy (distraught or restless from long confinement in or as if in prison) is a slang term for prison, and comes from.
Eng, gefängnis, knast exigu òröngur amigo eng nor sloom vurig trangt om plassen (puk) verb.You know in this pokey little place no one will ever hear of him.Small stuff usually has a pointy/sharp end.Paddy wagon was so-called perhaps because many police officers were Irish at the time (around 1930).A rogue-house is a house for rogues ; a lobspound is a pound for lobs or louts, and was often applied to the juvenile prison made for a child between the feet of a grown-up person.On a smaller scale is the Judas, a small opening in the door or wall of a cell to enable the guards to watch the prisoners.The word is now commonly known as a woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying."jail 1911, western.S., probably from mispronunciation of Mexican Spanish juzgao "tribunal, court from juzgar "to judge used as a noun, from Latin judicare "to judge which is related to judicem (see judge (v.).Forty-nine years ago today, Alcatraz closed as a federal penitentiary.How many different ways are there to say prison, and where do these words come from?To (cause to) protrude or project.

A bridewell was a house of correction for the confinement of vagrants and disorderly persons, and became a name generally given to a prison in connection with a police-station, for the temporary detention of those who have been arrested by the police.One more mess like I barely managed to clean up this week and someone's going to the pokey.Word Origin and History for hoosegow.Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Others Are Reading Word of the Day volute).Spinster, which originally referred to any person, man or woman, whose occupation was spinning, also meant a woman of an evil life or character: so called from being forced to spin in the house of correction.Pokey p-k plural pokeys, test Your Vocabulary, forms of Government Quiz, a gerontocracy is rule by: Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?Collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons.Sing Sing was the original name of Ossining, and was derived from the name of the Native American tribe, the Sint Sinck, who sold the area to one.