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It is not the first time a palisade enclosure has discovered found in Scandinavia.
Preliminary analysis of the ancient pottery found at Stevns dates the site to the latter part of the Middle Neolithic Funnel Beaker Culture from 2900 BCE to 2800 BCE.
The pits contained numerous flint flakes Some pits also held ceramic sherds and axe fragments, Sloth said.
But it is not entirely the same as being part of the stable-school he explains.I have also felt that Andrei is really passionated about doing things better when he has been away on a visit says Keld Kristensen.A similar temple was discovered elsewhere on the island.So far they have found flint tools, waste, and ceramics.Keld Kristensen is convinced that Andrei has improved during the course of the stable-school and has brought good ideas home to the farm.M, a mysterious Stone Age labyrinth has been discovered at Stevns in Denmark.We also run several other erfa-groups.Would you like to know more about your possibilities?
For Keld Kristensen and his two employees at the farm Hodalsminde the arrow has been pointing in the right direction concerning the production results during the last six months.
The labyrinth itself seems to have been an oval palisade enclosure with roughly 60,000 square feet of space inside.

Not until after the tour of the stables are they allowed to comment.As part of a seges project Agri Nord ran a stable school with six farms.The most intriguing question is: What was going on inside the enclosure that was so secret?It has been suggested that the fence rows and their openings form a sort of labyrinth.More Archaeology News, we cannot vind penge hurtigt exclude the possibility the labyrinth had a ritual purpose.That is a question archaeologists cannot yet answer because they havent been able to find any structures or construction in the area that could point them towards any possible purpose for the enclosure.For the moment, it remains unknown why the labyrinth was constructed and what purpose it served.Keld Kristensen has for several years been a member of an erfa-group for owners, and he has also been in charge of training Andrei and other workers.