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And, y'know, literally God's help on se drømmen om det hvide slot online his side, but who cares?
Eventually, Leaf does return after being absent for more than a decade after her debut as an alternate skin of the returning Pokémon Trainer (himself based on Red) in Super Smash Bros.Persona 3 : After the Female Protagonist from Persona 3 was confirmed in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the protagonists of the first three Persona games are now getting this treatment with jokes about them acting disappointed that they are not in this game.Between his reputation as "The Dumbest Man In Wrestling"note Because he was betrayed by all of his allies, with Ric Flair double crossing him at least twiceand rarely, if ever, winning any feud he was in, he has been firmly categorized as this.In canon he is a boisterous Idiot Hero but this gets exaggerated in fan-works.However, this portrayal has also led to her being portrayed as an Iron Woobie.To the point that this very Wiki named a trope after the supposed lameness of his powers.

On Barshens, Barry just can't catch a break.Subsequently many, including tropers on this very wiki, have considered the Leo to be more disposable and useless than either the Red Shirt or the Stormtrooper.All in all, Deckard doesn't look like an ace when he does his job.This has become lessened over time as he's become a more competent fighter, such as in Volume 4 where he goes toe-to-toe with the Nuckelavee for a moment and then in "Vault of the Spring Maiden" when he finally unlocks his Semblance and uses.The best example of this is Smash Bros.Though canonically one of the strongest Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan is treated as this in some circles, mostly for the anomalous number of 50s and 60s comics where a guy who's battled entire alien warfleets gets hit on the head and knocked out.It has gotten to the point that a good portion of the fandom credits Stephen for.T.'s strong Tocantins performance over.T.Strangely enough, the Rebellion movie has seen Homura go from a Memetic Badass to this.