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Poke pelago glitch not working

Wicke several times for some unseen reason.
I have never sent it out in a battle, nor had it taken damage previously.
To see any at higher levels, you need to select a filter for a specific level range.
2 doesn't sound like a glitch to me, vind penge pa gratis spil vind and I've always interpreted a slight blurriness as a leftover from them dropping 3D mode in the last minute.Flying Forretress ( talk ) 22:01, 17 February 2017 (UTC) A few odd things I've noticed I've noticed a few things that were kind of glitchy, so I thought I'd mention them.Don't dismiss me just because you think you have an easy answer.I already explained why it's slottet berleburg tyskland a glitch.(And, to be honest with you, it seems to be very rude to say what you said when Super goku was only trying to help you out.).

Is this worth putting here or was this intentional since she was in the background?pkmnadventurer ( talk ) 16:46, (UTC) Festival Plaza information glitches Some people have been telling me that sometimes information in the Festival Plaza doesn't display correctly.I won't change it for being fixed until get a answer.It didn't even try to use Nightmare until running out of PP in Hypnosis.Just make sure to not set the time and date to the future, and don't try to go online while you're doing the glitch.Nairbnroh ( talk ) 23:41, 14 December 2016 (UTC).