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Our leadership in the purely intellectual sphere has always been brilliant, but as regards will-power in practical affairs our leadership has been beneath criticism.
Everything was disparaged-the nation, because it was held to be an invention of the 'capitalist' class (how often I had to listen to that phrase!
Since the Jew-for reasons that I shall deal with immediately-never had a civilization of his own, he has always been furnished by others with a basis for his: intellectual work.But here in hospital the spirit was quite different in some respects.When the Jew comes to producing something in the field of art he merely bowdler-izes something already in existence or simply steals the intellectual word, of others.So that both parties mutually benefited by the transaction.During the last century it was lamentable for those who had to witness it, to notice how in these circles I have just mentioned the word 'Germanization' was frivolously played with, though the practice was often well intended.At least the end is declared by the founders of the movements to be the same, or may be looked upon as such by the masses of the people.One day it must become teacher to the whole German nation.On this planet of ours human culture and civilization are indissolubly bound up with the presence of the Aryan.The number of recruits trained for the land forces was too small; but the same half-heartedness was shown in regard to the navy and made this weapon of national self-preservation more or less ineffective.Often they used abusive language against the public officials, whom they accused of having no sympathy with the situation of the working people.To be a follower needs only the passive recognition of the idea.When Francis II had laid down his title as Emperor of the Holy Roman svaneholm slott julmarknad 2017 Empireof the German Nation, which he did at the command of Napoleon, the Crownand Mace, as the Imperial Insignia, were kept in Vienna.
Every project which aimed at giving the Empire a more federal shape was bound to be ineffective because there was no strong central authority which could exercise sufficient power within the State to hold the federal elements together.
In general they hoped that they would thus have the means of expounding their cause to the great masses of the people, because they would be able to speak before 'the forum of the whole nation'.

Every crossing between two breeds which are not quite equal results in a product which holds an intermediate place between the levels of the two parents.Physically and mentally I had the polish of six years of service, so that in the beginning this circle must have looked on me as quite a stranger.No; those who want seriously to combat prostitution must first of all assist in removing the spiritual conditions on which it thrives.But it was soon forgotten again, or else deliberately ignored, because of the difficulties to be overcome in putting it into practice.The most profound cause of such a decline is to be found in the fact that the people ignored the principle that all culture depends on men, and not the reverse.If the former commanders-in-chief had been inspired with the same kind of genius all the sacrifices would not have been in vain.Quite frequently these were in open contradiction to one another and in no case was there any internal cohesion among them.
Was it not ludicrous to think of building up anything on such a foundation?