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The Rise and Fall of WCW (DVD).
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At the time of the match, Goldberg had been undefeated in his WCW career ; and his defeat came about due to the interference of Nash's former tag team partner Scott Hall.Click the button next to the Message button.6 Contents The match was directly related to a controversial main event that occurred at Starrcade in December 1998, during which Kevin Nash pinned Goldberg to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.The Wolfpac faction were babyfaces (heroes while the Hollywood faction were heels (villains as was the original nWo.From that point on in 1999, ratings steadily dropped for the company".8 Meanwhile, Hollywood Hogan showed up for the first time since declaring his retirement one month prior.New World Order (nWo and, hollywood Hogan, the leader of the Hollywood faction of the nWo, with whom Nash and his group had been feuding since April 1998 when the original faction split up, and Hogan had retired from wrestling.Goldberg was handcuffed to the ropes, repeatedly shocked with a taser, and had "nWo 4 pokemon xd battle bingo guide Life" painted in red and black paint all over his back.The 'match' - in which Hogan poked Nash in the chest with his finger before Nash collapsed for the three-count - is widely considered the beginning of the end for WCW.9 Hogan and Nash had been in a feud since April 1998, when Nash became a fan favorite by breaking away from Hogan's nWo stable in order to form his own rival faction, nWo Wolfpac ; Hogan remained a villain, leading his own nWo faction.However, to signify the reunion with the Wolfpac, Hogan used red spray paint.
In Goldberg's absence, Nash offered the title shot to Hogan, who accepted the offer.
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13 Within minutes, as shown by Nielsen ratings, several hundred thousand viewers switched channels from Nitro on TNT to Raw Is War on the USA Network.
This marked the reunion of The Outsiders, who had broken up as a tag team at Slamboree in May 1998.