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Pokemon y pokeradar won't work

Unless there's some other reason why you think the chain broke, I'm curious, please do tell.
The chain breaks for a different reason afterwards, not when you step in the Shiny patch, like Natnew said.
Thing is, the page says "Stepping on a Shiny patch will never break a chain which as seen, is not what happens.
TTE chidna 10:55, (UTC this isn't true.By "more violently they mean the grass that flashes (or rosenholm slot rosenholmvej hornslet "glistens when shook.Kyurem'S ICE blade 01:56, 4 November 2013 (UTC) All ways to break in Gen VI What are all the ways to break the chain in X and Y?Im talkin bout using the radar, how it improves the chances!Before it always worked and it'd only end because I picked the wrong patch, and now its happening very consistently.Maybe you should find a larger patch of grass, and then try again.Surprisingly, this isn't in the article.Crystal Shards 17:27, (UTC) Something Interesting I was just chaining Machop, when I walked into a patch that had another one, but as I walked into it my repel ran out and the Machop didn't show.With this amended formula a chain of 1 results.012.Thanks for your concern, and next time use four tildes to sign your posts.Also, at the time I wasn't worried about stepping on the corner patch, because of what the page here said.Contents, it said chainning didn't help catch shinys.Not sure about the top number, 14747.

4, recharge the radar if needed.After going through about 38 of them i found a shiney rattata.EO ( for discussion ) 07:46, 8 September 2014 (UTC) Actual chain percentages found for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (needs verification) A user on the Smogon forums named FroggestSpirit has found the actual percentage of continuing the chain for each patch of grass generated by the PokeRadar.There are three grass animations: The grass "glistens" and shakes quickly for a brief period, the grass shakes more slowly for a longer period, or it glistens for a long period (the shiny animation).Submit, tips, don't use it in the middle of a field.Does anyone know whats going on?5, defeat the Pokémon you meet.Obviously, I have used my non-modified 2DS with an original Platinum cartridge.Tk3141 12:17, (UTC) The Right Side?7, head for sparkling grass.Werdnae (talk) 19:27, 28 November 2010 (UTC) If you're there at daytime, you will only ever find Rattata.
Tiddlywinks ( talk ) 12:52, (UTC) Interesting, and do chains accumulate, like if you got a chain of 2, went to him, then a chain of 5 went to him, and then a chain of 4, would he give you the PP Up do you.
FabuVinny, t, c, s 21:23, (UTC) "Formula cam someone please describe the formula for catchin a shiny in words?