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Pokket mixer gold

pokket mixer gold

You can mix between beats, adjust lo/mid/hi and even get sweet fades between tracks, without ever having to worry about batteries or another power cord.
This very special Berlin souvenir is a miniature DJ mixing table for your pocket.
The design was shown at tendence 2012 in frankfurt.
Eine kurze Vorstellung des pokket mixer, ein Mini-DJ Mixer, der ohne Batterien oder sonstigen Strom auskommt.Im Test mit einem iPad, traktor PRO App sowie mit einem Batterie-Plattenspieler und dem korg monoton.Video courtesy of pokketmixer product specs: size: L x B x H -109 mm x 78 mm x 28 mm weight: 130 g without accessories in and outputs: 2.5 mm stereo-input for headphone signals 1.5 mm stereo-output for hi-fi equipment .For all those occasions, and just throwing a quick DJ setup together without the hassle, theres the.Have you ever walked into a party casino cosmopol göteborg adress and immediately wanted to hijack the tunes?It works like this: If your friends have some good music on their phone and you have your tunes on your MP3-player, you can simply link the Pokket Mixer from Berlin via the socket for the headphones, plugs it into a third device with.The pokket mixer uses only a headphone signal to activate it, making it the first DJ mixer that does not require battery or electricity.Top10 Team Insider's tip: even top DJ Paul Kalkbrenner got himself a Pokket Mixer since likes the idea that the whole production process from design to manufacturing is completely carried out at Berlin.
The device requires no electricity or batteries every device with a headset output can be plugged in such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, notebook, iPad, PC or personal CD player the device features a crossfader, a listen switch and an equalizer switch pokketmixer how.

The hand-sized Pokket Mixer lets you plug in two audio sources (skys the limit here) and headphones then outputs to your speaker setup.The Pokket-Mixer - a special little gagdet and a souvenir made 100 in Berlin.The 130 gram console features a crossfader, a listen switch which allows music to be heard from any device through headphones and an equalizer switch which can change low, mid and high frequencies of the left or right player.Every device with a headset output can be plugged in such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, notebook, iPad, PC or personal CD player.Wed all like to think we have pretty good taste in music, but sooner or later even the diehard fans are going to be pissed if you put Fun on repeat too many times.Pokket mixer by christian komm and robert thomalla german designers christian komm and robert thomalla have created the pokket mixer a mobile mini DJ platform, requiring no power supply so that a user can mix their own music wherever they might.You can party everywhere with the small and colourful.#1 Hollywood (2013) 4 views The lengthy Ball 988 views Khokhol1999s Chaturbate views young guys Camping Out In Rainy Weather 467 views Brazil Gonzo 29 views Desentendimento Na Empresa - Abusando Do Cliente 471 views Smooth Twinkssmooth hammering 580 views gay Barebacking Party boys 201.
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