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An activity or class is considered Exercise To Music either if the music specifically directs, aids or motivates the activity or if the music is deliberately selected to accompany the activity.
Music suppliers can provide pre-prepared recorded music and music videos to suit various business needs.
Any business (including community buildings) that plays recorded music in public is usually legally required to have TheMusicLicence.
PPL are recommending that community premises making themselves available for hire should retain the details of any individual hiring the premises for a fitness class.Please visit Exercise Instructors for more information and to apply for a licence.A Fitness Class is a form of guided group exercise, typically timetabled and conducted in a class environment including, without limitation, the following types of classes; aerobics, keep-fit, step, dance-exercise, group cycling/spin, strength/ resistance, hybrid, boxing/combat, (including yoga and pilates specialty, aqua and age/ lifestyle.Keep up to date, see the latest company news, events and read our press releases.Once the new tariff is in operation it is very important that both fitness centres and fitness instructors keep an ongoing record of the number of classes they operated during their licence period and monitor this against the number for which they are licensed.However, it is important to be clear that if PPL repertoire is played in only half of a licensees classes, only those classes would be subject to a PPL licence, with the remaining classes not requiring a PPL licence.PPL will request these details as part of its checks which will include its Business Relationship Executives working in the community to monitor classes and assessing advertised classes against licences.PPL could be collecting royalties on your behalf.I'm looking for music suppliers, find a licensed supplier.Apply for a licence.Exercise/Fitness Instructor An Exercise or Fitness Instructor holding or organising fitness classes that use recorded music and that take place in premises other than a fitness centre (e.g.The Exercise/Fitness Centre is responsible for the licence for all classes within its premises and in its studios excepting only those classes taking place in a part of the premises that is managed and operated as a completely independent facility on an on-going basis.There are also a number of organisations that provide music containing PPLs repertoire for classes billed as Zumba classes but which are not affiliated with the official Zumba organisation or its ZIN programme.

Why should I become a member?An Exercise/Fitness Instructor require their own personal licence under the tariff to cover classes they operate in premises other than a fitness centre.g.The music supplied by the official Zumba organisation via the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) contains Zumbas specially created music.The tariff includes a 50 surcharge for instructors, and fitness centres, who fail to obtain tuna poke appetizer a licence (or renew their licence) in advance of playing PPLs recorded music.PPL licenses Exercise/Fitness Centres separately for background music in the centre.Redondo, hanne Mjøen, jody Bernal, Billy The Kit, more Releases.To determine the number of classes that they require a licence for, a centre should assess its prior weekly, monthly or quarterly class timetables schedules and records.Find out more About us Who we are, what we do and our latest news and events.Address, mail: Postbus CE Hilversum, the Netherlands, office: Alexanderlaan 2 1213 XS Hilversum.Revised Schedule: The schedule that accompanied the launch of the new Exercise to Music tariff launched 1st May 2013 has been revised.Show more FAQs 3 Contact us For PPL enquiries about Exercise to Music, contact our customer services team.
However, many instructors often play additional music from PPLs repertoire during a class, often for warm-ups or warm-downs.