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Salsa rueda de casino figures

Pulse her and las vegas spillemaskine bring her to casino platinum bucuresti the center passing in front you and under your left arm, at the same time leaders switch positions so now they face center and ladies face them.
Bajanla Put them down Hand sign: unknown Put the ladies down.
Dame DOS (with 2 couples give me two, hand sign: two fingers up or peace sign.Variations kongelige slott i england of Adios adios Good-bye Hand sign: wave good-bye After cross body or stop and go, leaders close with ladies and do half a spot turn to the right with leaders left arm fully extended (ladies right arm) for style.Executing the moves, however, often places them with their back to the caller for a few moments.Yogurt CON todo EL mundo Yogurt with chocolade Hand sign: unknown Do the basisc Rueada move, but instead of the right to left hand push-off, you jump to each other body-to-body, jump backwards with a half turn to jump body-to-body with your neigbour, and again.PA'EL medio or EL centro To the middle Hand sign: unknown Unlike when you are starting, if this is called while dancing, the leaders step into the circle, then out.Hand sign: finger point at eye Vacilala with ladies ending seated on your knee.Invert the hand exchange in the beginning.

Then, on the first pace, leaders all enter the wheel together, making an opening flower with their hands.Pick up the neighbor lady.Let go of your partners right hand as you both open to the center of the circle.Same as above, but after the second cross body lead, Leaders do the above again, but this time over the head and only with the Left hand.Switch back to leaders left hand as they cross.Leaders and ladies all hold hands in one unbroken circle.
Enchufla come ES Connect.
Paseala POR arriba Take her for a walk over the head Hand sign: paseala sign plus thumb over shoulder.

A LA piscina In the pool.