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Selling poker action

So How Is it All Done?
One misplayed hand or suckout can mean the jackpot brand downfall of your tournament life.
Six figure tournament buy-ins seem an everyday occurance these days, and the majority of players do not have a sufficient enough bankroll to play such tournaments, so they usually sell action.Of course all this scales down to recreational players who are dragon quest heroes 2 builders bonus confirmed winners, and may wish to take some shots at higher stakes without the possibility of crippling their bankroll.If their results are all from a long time ago, they may well be a break even or losing player in todays games.In layman's terms, they basically get somebody to put up some cash and in return pay an equal percentage of winnings back to that person.Another way to organize your bankroll is to sell a complete package for a series such as the wcoop on PokerStars.The investor is providing you with part of your tournament buy-in with the sole purpose of making a profit.Chino Reem, who has over 8 million in tournament winnings, is well known to owe investors a small fortune.

Why Would You Want to Sell Action?You could spend all of that on one 1,000 buy-in tourney which is the smallest buy-in bracelet event offered at the wsop other than the Casino Employees bad homburg casino restaurant event and give yourself one shot to attain glory.This leaves you with 500 still to spend, which means that you could just as easily offer a package deal for both tournaments and play both with the same amount of personal funds invested.An investor who staked 5 of your tournament entry fee would then receive 5 of your payout, which would net 5,000 for a paltry 50 investment (an outstanding.My personal recommendation, though, is the PokerVIP Marketplace.If the player is looking at playing much higher than they normally do or if theyre an online player looking to play a live super high roller, there normal results may not be a good guide.I personally have been backed and bought pieces of players on many occasions without issue and thousands more have done the same.Well there are a few good reasons.Second, and more importantly, the guys who run the market have a promotion where they cover unbought action.
Keep a spreadsheet such as online Google docs where both parties can check up what the current situation.
Buying a selling action also includes swapping pieces.