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Slot insulation

slot insulation

L-shaped, U-shaped, Z-shaped, or anything else.
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For many years, PCT has been manufacturing.
Can finish insulation paper insertion at a poke eggs time;., categories.Our engineers love a good challenge.Th stator is indexed between each stator slot and when the stator is fully insulated it is moved outside of the working area for unloading.Each machine is PLC controlled and gives the operator excellent flexibility for programming many different types of stator configurations.A special design specific to different design or different sizes of slot;.A wide range of slot insulation widths and materials can be used.The slot insulation process for electric motors is to provide a barrier between the copper wndings and the steel lamination for all stator, armature and rotor products.Simple Stator Slot Insulation Machine for Micro Table Fan Motors SMT-C100.The slot insulation process for electric motors provides a barrier between the copper wirings and the steel lamination for all stator, armature and rotor products.PCT can manufacture slot liner to meet any specifications, whether.
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The machine uses a developed width of paper relative to the dimension around the slot which means you only need one width of paper per slot size therefore saving on the different quantities of slot insulation reels of paper you need to purchase for.

Slot insulating machine, sLOT leakage, copyright.Unloading of a stator can be manual or with the assistance of a lifting device in case of heavy stators.Loading of stator partscan eitherbe manual or integrated with an automatic loading system.The IFC range can accommodate a wide range of stator stack heights which will suit the majority ofproduction set ups.2 Winding Heads Automatic Washing Machine Electrical Motor Winding Machine SMT-SLR70 Equipped with double winding heads and four working stations with turntable.Automatic Efficient Braiding Lace Machine for Lacing/Fixing Stator Winding Ends SMT - SBZ160 Stator Winding Lacing Machine, with turntable, double lacing needles lacing at the same time, can keep stator coils.See more at Wikipedia.Cut and punch each slot insulation into the required number of slots in a stator lamination stack.It is important that high quality machines and tools are used in the manufacturing process to achieve this condition.Both semi-automatic and fully automatic slot insulation machines can be supplied for stators, armatures and rotors.
The IFC range of fully automatic slot insulating machines are vertical loading.
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