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Stick and poke ink michaels

stick and poke ink michaels

Cut the shape of half a heart along the folded edge, leaving the edge of the heart furthest away from the center fold uncut. .
Scratch-off Hidden Message Cards Is your Valentine into surprises, mystery or lottery tickets? .
Cut long strips of 1/8 -3/8 wide paper. .
Everyone jumps up as high as they can.Create a template for your hearts by folding a piece of card stock or paper in half and cutting out half the heart along the center crease. .Populate your design with the coils. .Day and Night Science, Art On one half of the paper, children draw things they would see in the sky at night (stars, moon, etc).When the viewer is held up to the light it looks like stars are shining through.Choose a book that goes with the theme, and have the children retell the story.you can use packaging tape.Space Grid Game (Printable) Heres another version of a grid game that you can print rather than make with stickers.Its very elegant, creative and simple to make! .I like roll the strip by pushing my thumb forward over the paper.I thought this was a clever and simple idea when I first saw this on Artful-Kids. .

You can cut a hole and color inside the hole, or cut a shape and color around the shape.It was a little tricky getting our babys fingerprints so we did hers first. .These are the 3 simple instructions on how to make window Valentines Day cards.There are two general ways to use stencils. .Cut out the hearts that you traced. .When the glue dries, embellish the card by drawing in the stems, gluing paper cut outs, or adding ribbon.She also works as a full-time Pre-K teacher in Georgia.If youre using the heart hole as a stencil, lottotal lotto vindertal og jokertal danske spil then make sure that the entire stencil is larger than your card so you dont get any of your colors where you dont want them. . Its actually easier than it looks. .When they finished, they hold the paper up to the light, and it looks like stars are shining through in the shape of the number.Paint the scratch off area with the paint/dishwashing liquid solution. .

Id recommend using the repositionable glue to hold the stencil in place so you do not get any paint underneath. .