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She ends up even living with Misha, an angel, and does all her cooking and cleaning.
It's not just Strong Bad.
Even when one of them was going to be hurt by a passing train, he saved them.The German was surprisingly good (the man says he bought a car, which would help his business due to being able to easily visit the next city over, but he can't pass his driving test).Toujours (exprime la répétition d'un fait) ( regularly ) always, il me téléphone toujours le dimanche soir.However, when demons go bad, they really go bad.Chieftain Beluga : Oh, that'd be great!However, if you have full party and the PC, then you don't have.Toujours (quand même) anyway ( slang, figurative ) anyways.Some of Eva's exploits in Mahou Sensei Negima!It turns out Chrysalis got her out of the way by sending her to a Little Celestia's pizza restaurant with a ridiculously long and complicated order.Captain McGillicutty : Tell me the ritual words or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!You can't let kids watch that kind of thing!" In 'More Armies Strong Bad details his crack team of shady mercenaries, the On Point Kings, to a potential recruit (the viewer).It gets a bit weirder when the kindergartners start waxing philosophical, as well.Makai Kingdom is likewise.An episode of the Stephen Fry sitcom Absolute Power focused on Fry's PR firm tackling an unusual assignment: a mild-mannered public figure, played by Tim Brooke-Taylor, had been advised that he was too nice and therefore hard to relate to, so he hired the firm.
The only problem it has is that, being a stone evolution, it won't learn new moves naturally, but you can still give it a few of its crucial moves via TM - which don't disappear on use anymore.
Sadly, the reason it was so massive was to keep N away from contact with the outside world until he grew.

They do things like summon a swarm of bees or make a Sim vanish off your lot, but they don't cause much permanent harm to Sims.Hartman Hips : It's a staple of Ken Sugimori's artstyle, really, but even then, Bianca still stands out.Not only do she and Stark not really want to be in the big 'final fight' against the shinigami, but she is a young and weak arrancar who quickly gets upset by her 'opponent' Ukitake's refusal to take her seriously.He also created an -Inator that made people have an unstoppable appetite, which he used on himself so he could run all the All-You-Can-Eat restaurants out of business.This was largely removed from the English translation.Gondor Calls for Aid : Bianca went to the various cities you've travel through to get the Gym Leaders to help.One is white with blue eyes, and the other is black with red eyes.In one strip kortspillet grisen of Meadowhawk (about modern-day dragons) Drizzle asks Rain if she's ever thought of doing anything dastardly and epic and terrible like their medieval ancestors, she says that she used to sneak into livestock pens and shear all the sheep for fun.Cloud, the nemesis of Billy Quizboy, is like this almost all the time; most of his villainous actions center on collecting old props from TV shows and movies, infuriating Billy but doing absolutely nothing else.