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Synonym sloth

Sometimes, the cessation of sañ and vedan.e.
Pubbenivsnussatiña : pubbe nivsa anussati ña knowlege of remembrance of one's former states of existence.Khanti : patience, forbearance, tolerance.It is also the second of the tiratana and the tisaraa.The Buddha uses this term only to slottet omvisning inngang refer to himself at a time prior to his enlightenment.Peta : afflicted spirit, dead, departed, mane, hungry ghost, hungry shade.Planes accessible only to those who master at least the first jhna.Designates altogether the four vinipta s ( asura, pettivisaya, tiracchnayoni and niraya the human world, and the six inferior deva - loka s ( ctummahrjika, Tvatimsa, Yma, tusita, Nimmnarat and paranimmitavasavatt where beings are primarily motivated by kma.3) ground for, reason, cause, condition.Almost synonym with kmarga.At.57, the Buddha declares everyone should frequently think about kamma and remember he is nothing but the product of his past actions.Kusala can also be defined as what arises on the basis of the three kusalamla.

An expression for the realization of sotpatti.Paranimmitavasavatt : paranimmita vasavatt class of deva s so called because they control the creations of others.It rather refers to the mind as a cognitive organ, one of the twelve yatana.At MN 95, they are presented as five improper grounds to draw a definite conclusion (ekasena niha gacchati).4) a chief, a noble person.As all other beings, brahmas are subject to the round of rebirth, old age and death.Rpa is one of the five updnakkhandha.Pti refers to a mental phenomenon whereas sukha refers to a bodily phenomenon.Phassa : contact (generally between a sense organ and its object) - samphassasamphassa in compounds.Being one of the six types of sense objects, it is one of the twelve yatana.

It is the first and the most basic of the pañcasla.
At.51, it is said that yoniso manasikra applied to kya passaddhi and citta passaddhi is the way to develop and multiply passaddhi as a bojjhaga.