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Varus mid poke build

I'm low ELO (high gold) so I'd appreciate any thoughts from better players.
Before seeing it pop up again, I had already revived the build myself going Essence Reaver first instead of Tear, and then into ArPen (GB, Duskblade, etc.).
I'm seeing it in high level play again, with the traditional build path of Tear of the Goddess into ArPen.
Triumph Takedowns restore 12 of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold.I feel like Essence Reaver is potentially superior to Tear for the following reasons: (1) Allows you to skip Tear and go BF early first, making your early lane much stronger.I love the play style of Poke Varus, even when it is out of the meta.The only potential downsides I see are slightly earlier mana problems and slightly delayed ARPen; though I feel those are easily offset by the increased AD and CDR early.Patch.22, champions Analyzed 5,728,640, league: Varus's Probuilds: ADC.35 Role Rate 16461 Analyzed This Patch.I find it works well both mid lane and bot, and the early dmg allows you to really bully lane as long as you can consistently hit your piercing arrows.Open clubs, nA -Varus Mains- varu5 -Eisuke-, eUW -Varus Mains- Varu5 -Furor Nexis.(3) After the recent buffs, ER has more AD than a fully pony lyn lotto stacked Manamune and 20 CDR to boot (which incidentally lets you skip lucidity boots in favor of whatever is best situationally and still easily cap your CDR) (4) ER passive helps to shore.Sorcery.5 AS, 14 AP /.4 AD Celerity Gain.5 extra.SoloMid FortniteMaster StatsRealmRoyale pubg ProBuilds Store TSM News ChampionSelect LoLCounter NewsOfLegends DotaHut Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact.Legend: Alacrity Takedowns on enemies grant permanent Attack Speed.League of Legends Riot Games, Inc.ADC Champions that Counter Varus ADC Champions that Varus Counters Support Champions that Counter Varus Support Champions that Varus Counters Support Champions that Synergize poorly with Varus Support Champions that Synergize well with Varus isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views.At 100 stacks, your next attack heals you and grants increased.48.54 Win Rate 2153 Games.06 Win Rate 147 Games Precision Improved attacks and sustained damage Fleet Footwork Attacking and moving builds Energy stacks.

Games, q Q, q Q, q W, w W, w W,.Eune -There Was A Memo, Varus!- Värus -Nameless Scholar-, oCE -Varus Mains- Värus -Thunrocker.Physical, magic, true, current Season Ranked Games.29, win Rate 15979, games.98, win Rate.To join a club, pm the owner and ask them to add you.Gathering Storm Gain increasing amounts of AD or AP, adaptive over the course of the game.Gain extra AP or AD, adaptive based on your bonus.Runes are: Sorcery: Comet, Manaflow Band, Celerity/Absolute Focus/Scorch Inspiration: magical boots, 5 CDR rune.47.13 Win Rate 2733 Games Display matchups with at least Show All games.53.03 Win Rate 132 Games.74 Win Rate 3073 Games.74 Win Rate 3073 Games.13 Win Rate 9744 Games.46 Win Rate 228 Games Precision Improved attacks and sustained damage Lethal Tempo.5s after damaging a champion gain a large amount of Attack Speed.
Coup de Grace Deal more damage to low health enemy champions.

Lethal Tempo allows you to temporarily exceed the attack speed limit.
(2) ER (with Mana Flow Band) is nearly as good as Tear for resolving mana problems-I rarely have mana problems with the build, and mainly only until ER is completed.
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