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Vinderchance viking lotto

vinderchance viking lotto

Viking Lotto applies the matrix of 6/48 meaning that a player should choose 6 numbers out of 48 numbers.
Use these numbers to buy tickets at your local lottery retailer.However, because there are still chances to get the other 4 categories of prizes, the participants will still be challenged to check their luck.Unique numbers numbers generated exclusively for you.To win any prize in Viking Lotto, you have to match 3 numbers.Play 34 numbers to skip two numbers in a 6/36 lottery.You do not need a Paypal account.
Payment is processed securely through the Paypal portal.
This was the first multi-national lottery game in the world and is now operated by six national lottery firms in Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Finland and Iceland.

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Play 46 numbers the odds improve to 1 in 9,366,819.Draws are held every Wednesday.Lotterynlotto do not sell lottery tickets ourselves.Play all 48 numbers the odds of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 12,271,512.Delivery will be via email within 24 hours.Chances to hit the Viking Lotto jackpot are 1: 98,172,096.Last:, date: 2018 November2018 October2018 September2018 August2018 July2018 June2018 May2018 April2018 March2018 February2018 January2017 December2017 November2017 October2017 September2017 August2017 July2017 June2017 May2017 April2017 March2017 February2017 January2016 December2016 November2016 October2016 September2016 August2016 July2016 June2016 May2016 April2016 March2016 February2016 January2015 December2015 November2015 October2015 September2015 August2015 July2015 June2015 May2015.
For example: play 36 numbers to play all the numbers in a 6/36 lottery.